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Torus Health Care


We are a healthcare group that stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a thoughtfully curated selection of top-tier wellness solutions, supplements, nutraceuticals, and complementary medicine remedies from brands known for their responsible manufacturing practices and unwavering commitment to quality. Our dedication to improving human potential has culminated in a collection of offerings that help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness through our safe and effective product offerings. We achieve this by conducting rigorous scientific research processes that utilize the very best of nature. Our tireless commitment to excellence has resulted in a collection of exceptional products, and our unwavering dedication to helping people reach their health goals, fuels our constant innovation and continuous improvement.

Torus Health Care is swiftly emerging as a leader in the South African market, driven by a powerful belief system that guides its mission. The company is committed to delivering premium-quality products that support individuals on their wellness journeys, with a product range built upon a solid foundation of innovation and science. Torus Health Care’s offerings feature only certified, high-quality ingredients that are environmentally friendly, and are backed by extensive scientific research studies. This unwavering dedication to excellence sets Torus Health Care apart, positioning it as a trusted partner in achieving optimal health and well-being.

our approach

research, development, and quality

Amidst the existing challenges confronting the South African market and regulatory bodies concerning quality management, Torus Health Care’s approach to research, development, and quality, becomes critically significant…
Torus Health Care’s approach to research, development, and quality becomes even more crucial amidst the current challenges faced by the South African market and regulatory bodies regarding quality management and the control thereof.

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) is presently dependent on manufacturers to conform to its proposed and standardized regulations since it is facing challenges in effectively assessing the efficacy, safety, and quality of complementary medications and supplements, including their respective ingredients, prior to their introduction into the market. Despite furnishing unambiguous guidelines, the task of evaluating the compliance of supplements with these regulations’ rests largely on the manufacturers themselves.

Several unethical brands, often produced in unregistered facilities (sometimes even at the back of home garages), exploit this loophole to inundate the market with unsafe, substandard, unregulated products that not only prove to be ineffective but also pose a risk to the consumer’s well-being.

It is crucial to understand that this lack of regulation implies that there is no assurance regarding the composition of the product. Furthermore, there may be variations in the quantity of ingredients from one batch to the next.

While the SAHPRA mandates supplement manufacturers to conform to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), which are formulated to guarantee the quality and safety of these supplements, enforcement of these guidelines is currently not in effect.

Nevertheless, certain supplement manufacturers, such as Torus Health Care, which are operated by registered pharmacists and pharmacologists – the sole professionals authorized to manufacture medicines – exhibit their dedication to creating superior-quality products by enlisting their brands with SAHPRA. Torus Health Care has implemented robust procedures, verifications, and documentation to comply with the standards and regulations of the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

The following are the qualifiers that determine the quality of a product:

Why trust us?

The Torus Health Care brands that you rely on (Sprezzatura Wellness and Weight Loss Formula and Sprezzatura CelluCut formulations), are listed with SAHPRA and are also NAPPI coded and listed with MediKredit (manages and maintains the National Pharmaceutical Product Interface (NAPPI®) product file). This globally unique national coding system identifies all pharmaceutical, surgical and healthcare consumable products in South Africa and enables the electronic transfer of information throughout the healthcare delivery chain.

To be listed with these highly regulated bodies (SAHPRA) and NAPPI coded – the manufacturers documentation, professional credibility and standing; and processes must be thoroughly validated.

Torus Health Care places a high value on regulatory compliance and takes diligent measures to ensure adherence to protect and enhance the wellbeing of our consumers and patients, as well ensure our customers, retail partners, pharmacies and medical practices stock brands that can only enhance the value of their livelihoods….

Is your wellness brand doing the same?